Boots have been popular with motorbike riders because these types of shoes offer the protection and durability they need when driving on the streets, but also remain stylish for use in offices or malls.

In choosing boots, motorcyclists need to pay attention to several characteristics to ensure the shoes they choose help them drive safely in any weather situation. Wheels Clothing is a manufacturer of boots that provides various types of motorbike boots size 9  when you are looking for your dream boots.

Here are tips you should know before buying boots for riding:

1. Thick skin

Leather boots vary in thickness. For motorbike riders, it’s better to use boots made of thick and flexible leather.

It allows riders to move their feet freely and get full protection when riding in any weather. The thick skin that cannot be torn easily will protect users from scratches and bruises if they fall or come into contact with sharp objects on the street.

2. Make Sure Boots body is sewn perfectly to the sole

Another good feature of boots is when the body of the shoe is sewn firmly to the sole, and not merely glued. This is an essential feature to ensure that boots and the soles would not tear apart when the driver accidentally falls from his vehicle. The stitched sole also supports the shoe’s durability and allows users to use it for years.

3. Strong shoelaces

Boots are tightened in various ways, mostly with shoelaces, though some use buckles. For motorcycle riders, shoelaces offer several advantages. First, they can be loosened or tightened, especially when motorcycle riders wear socks.

Also, these boots can be easily removed if a motorcycle rider falls and gets injured. For extra safety, motorcycle riders should choose boots with thick shoelaces made of hard and durable materials, such as ripcord.

Of course, the better the quality and construction of shoes, the higher the price. However, it is more expensive to treat injured feet than to buy quality boots, isn’t it?

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