Many companies face breakdowns due to low-paid departments we are here to solve all your problems. Unlike other companies, we have strong policies that ensure success and raise the standard of your business. We deal with the best people to work in the right place and make your marketplace way better than usual! Our efficacy works with;

· Take the edge off from overall staff cost.

· Team up your resources with experts.

· Make the perfect business plan with flexibility.

Our team is working for years in international and domestic markets. We have come to know the strategy of our client from the Newcastle best human resource provider. We work with the best corporate sector to give the final advice to our clients.

Our Services

Top-Notch Recruitment AgencyWe allows recruitments based on talent and knowledge skills that raise your business in less time.

  • Our role

· Cover the required insurance and agreement

· General labour

· Manufacturing

· Engineering

· Trades

· Customer service

· Administrative roles

· Payroll & administration

  • Our process
  • Search: It includes drawing with candidate traffic and market mapping based on the industry contacts. After that, blind searches help in ensuring the required status of our client.
  • Recruitment: We give the perfect match for the company to set the required score of retail-place. The interview decides the candidate with high-class perspectives. The right person takes the right decision as our selected candidate does the same thing with zero flaws. The Bussiness Rectruitments undergoes to meet potential reforms of epic class.
  • Human Resources services

We offer end-to-end service when it comes to hiring a professional.

  • Main Amenity:

· Contracts of employment

· Performance management, disciplinary and termination advice

· Position descriptions

· Remuneration and job grading

· HR policy, procedures, manuals, and handbooks

· HR strategic and operational plans

· Enterprise agreement strategy and negotiation

· Equal Employment and Opportunity

· Succession and workforce planning

· Bullying, harassment, and discrimination prevention strategies

· Complaints, investigations, and mediation

· Leadership and competency frameworks

· Return to work coordination

· Training and development

· Team assessment and development

· Leadership assessment and development

· Organizational design and architecture

· Operating model development

  • HR Audits

The objective examination determines the policy, behaviour, and practices. It takes the review to meet the due diligence, acquisitions, and divestments. The status includes:

· Culture & engagement audit

· HR delivery audit

· Talent audit

  1. Workplace, health & safety

The facilities include;

· Audits of systems and risk

· WHS management systems

· WHS policy, procedures, manuals, and handbooks

· WHS strategic and operational plans

· Hazard, incident, and near-miss investigations

· Injury management and return to work

· Process mapping

· Safety induction packages

· Employee WHS consultative frameworks

· WHS culture reviews

· Employee induction packages

· Mental health first aid

· Safety training programs

  • Workplace Audit Services

It assists in providing the right culture, structure, sustainability, and more. Moreover, it has four strategies;

· WHS compliance audit

· WHS engagement & culture audit

· WHS strategy audit

· WHS risk audit

  1. Other Services

HumanKapital offers many services that highlight the vigour of your business. These are;

· Mediation and investigation

· Relocation Services

· Remuneration and Reward

· On-demand support

· Training and development

· Awards, enterprise agreement, and industrial relations

· Outsourced payroll

We are working with the best aptitude to grow your business and profile in Newcastle and other areas. If you have found us, you found the best!!