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No matter what style of photo you discover yourself going for, good posture is important since it exudes confidence and professionalism. Simply sit along with your again straight and your shoulders again while remaining comparatively relaxed. Simona Janek is your go to hair and makeup artist for professional headshots. You may need tried completely different products and options but nonetheless, fail to no avail.

  • Not only are they well-versed in several professional make-up tools, products, and functions, but additionally they know the way lighting works.
  • If you’re actually into your photography, then contemplate giving the following easy-to-do photo tasks a go when the clock ticks over to 2011.
  • Trichome of Arabidopsis thaliana seen by way of scanning electron microscope.
  • Real Estate images focuses on the manufacturing of pictures showcasing a property that is on the market, such photographs requires the use of wide-lens and intensive knowledge in High-dynamic-range imaging photography.