Learning about the basic terms in the Forex market

Many traders want to make money in the Forex market, but a few take the preparation that is needed for Forex trading. Without proper preparation, you may earn in the Forex market, but your position in the Forex market will not last for long. 

Trading Forex has become easier now for the availability of the internet, yet new traders often lose money. The reason behind their losing money is the lack of proper knowledge and information. As trading in the Forex has been easy to start, the novice traders think they have enough knowledge for trading and start investing money. 

If you are a new trader then at first you should work on your skill development. You will become successful only when you will become skilled in trading. So, before starting trading in the Forex market, you need to know the Forex market terms. Some common Forex market term is included here.

Currency pair

In the investment world, currencies are traded in pairs. Among the two one is the base currency and the other is known as the quote currency. For instance, we trade EURUSD in pairs. The price of the asset moves concerning each other. Being a novice trader, try to trade the major currency pairs only.

Long /short

Long or short indicate the position in which traders buy or sell the base currency. The Forex traders take a long position when they think that the rate of the currency will rise and they take a short position when they think that the currency exchange rate will fall.


Pip is an acronym that stands for point in percentage which shows the smallest change in a currency pair. Usually, the profit and losses are calculated in terms of pips. But we as a trader can define the pip value by using different lot sizes. See it here and you get a basic idea about the lot size at trading.


Leverage means the money that traders are given by their broker as a deposit in their trading account to earn a position. The leverage ratio varies from broker to broker. Usually, novice traders love to trade with high leverage account. But for the safety of the capital, we should trade with a low leverage account.

Market order

Market order means the instruction that is given to your broker to implement a transaction for you. For instance, if you want to open a long trade, you just hit the buy button on the trading platform. On the contrary, you need to click the sell button when you intend to take the short trade.

Now you know the basic terms regarding the trading industry. But to get access to the retail trading industry, you need to consider some important steps. Let’s dive into the details.

A device with an internet connection

To trade in the Forex market, at first need the connectivity of the internet in your device so that you can trade online. You should be careful about the fact that the internet connection has a minimal interruption, other you may lose your money for unnecessary internet trouble.

Search for a trustworthy Forex broker

You need a suitable Forex broker who will provide the trading platform. So, you need to be careful while choosing a broker. Make sure that your broker is a member of a reputed regulator. If you make the mistake to choose your Forex broker, then you will not be able to trade in the Forex market. Check the customer review of your broker and by doing this you will get a better idea about their customer service.

Getting ready to deal with the real market

As a new trader in the Forex trading platform, you can first practice in a demo account. Use the demo trading account to develop your basic skills. Once you become comfortable with your demo performance, you may open a real trading account with a professional broker. But never trade with real money unless you have strong confidence.