How do you keep your customers coming back?

Many companies focus on developing marketing campaigns to get people to visit their businesses, but few create strategies that convert those visitors into repeat customers. Did you know you can achieve this using a custom instax film? Imagine that a person decides to visit your business, which could be a restaurant, a bar, a store, or an amusement park. Regardless of your business, this person will come back in the future. But how do you do that? The answer lies in making people remember what they experienced in your business. With an instant photo frame, you can achieve this effect because it will be an object the customer will keep. Once they see the photo, it will awaken their interest to visit your business again because they will remember how much fun they had or how delicious the food was.

Create positive memories for your customers

If you have a restaurant that doesn’t sell delicious food, there will be no photograph that will keep people coming back. That picture will only remind them of how bad the food tasted. For this strategy to work, you must create pleasant memories for your customers. How you design these memories will depend on the type of product or service you offer. If you have a haunted house, you want your customers to remember how scared they were. A picture of them with a scary face is not only funny but also generates a positive memory about your company. For a greater effect, you can create unusual activities to get your customers to agree to have their pictures taken. If a person tries your restaurant’s super spicy food, they get a photo of them doing the challenge.

Everyone loves to share funny pictures

When was the last time someone took a funny picture of you? Do you remember how many people saw that picture because they shared it with friends and family? Your clients need to have this same effect with the pics you give them. If they show the picture to their friends and family and describe the fun experience they had, you will get additional free publicity. Some companies encourage this by providing discounts to people who bring family and friends to complete a particular challenge. You can also add a QR code to the photo frame and include additional videos or photos of the activity experienced by that customer. The possibilities are almost endless and only limited by your creativity. Don’t know what to do? Create polls on your social networks and let your visitors and customers give you some ideas.