5 Steps for Easy Office Moving

The moment your business has grown big, of course, you will increase the number of your employees. With more personnel you have, your business would continue to develop further. It means you will need a bigger office to accommodate the entire team you have.

Problems that arise in moving office varies. There are some tips you can follow to fasten the process of relocating without having to lose time to work.

Select a Comfortable New Office

In choosing a new office for your company, choose a place that has flexible rent times. Short rental periods are also very suitable for startup companies. Make sure the new office has enough space to accommodate the entire team and can also make the employees work comfortably.

Consider the Safety Factor

The safety factor should be your major consideration in choosing to move. Choose an office that offers 24-hour security services, and is equipped with supporting facilities such as CCTV cameras, room access, and so on.

Use a Delivery Service

There are already many shipping services available in the UK. You just have to choose the best. Try to do a simple survey on the internet regarding office delivery service providers. Check the reputation of the service from the internet. That way, you will be able to find out which office delivery service companies are recommended.

Also, you need to hire a service that can help you clean the old office after you move. If you need a freight forwarding service, Tecdis is a European logistics companies that specializes in office moving.


You will need resources to help you move. Prepare all the necessary resources you need. For example, the cost to pay for shipping services from the old office to the new office.

Contact the Vendors

It would help if you informed all of the company’s clients that you have moved to a new office. Try to contact all clients and give out the clear address of the new office before you move. You can make it easier for clients to find your new office, so the company doesn’t lose business partners. Don’t forget to check the internet and telephone connections in the new office.